How to Use Yahoo Sitebuilder

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Yahoo SiteBuilder is great free Web site creator. If you have ever wanted to make a Web site, Yahoo SiteBuilder is an easy to use application that creates very professional looking sites. All you need is an idea and a little time to build an attractive Web page.

How Did the Chumash Indians Help Start the Santa Barbara Mission?

Category: Travel

The Early Chumash

  • Before the arrival of the Spanish in California, the Chumash Indians lived along the coast from Malibu to San Luis Obispo, as well as in part of the San Joaquin Valley. They were hunters, gatherers, boat builders and fisherfolk who lived in dome-shaped dwellings that could accommodate up to 50 inhabitants each.

Can You Set Up a POP3 Email Account on an iPad?

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Like the similar but smaller iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the iPad includes a "Mail" app that allows you to receive mail with one touch. The Mail app includes pre-set options for setting up common email servers such as Gmail and Hotmail. If you use your own Web space or a private company or school server, you can set up POP3 email on your iPad.