How to Eat Barley to Increase Fiber Intake

Category: Food & Drink

Barley is more than a soup thickener. With 9g per cooked cup, it's one of the most fiber-rich foods you could eat. It's also as versatile as rice. Getting into the habit of substituting barley for other grains in dishes is a good idea. Even if you get your barley in a sealed bag rather than bulk, be sure to rinse it well several times before cooking.

How to Plan a Bris

Category: Culture & Society

Mazel tov! You have a beautiful boy--and eight days to plan a bris
(also called a Brith Milah), when the baby is circumcised and receives
his Hebrew name. A bris is one of the rare Jewish life-cycle rituals
that can be performed on Shabbat or even High Holidays. Don't forget
the bagels and lox!

How to Change Authorization for iPhone Applications

Category: Tech

With the iPhone App Store, users can access, purchase and download third party apps at will. Change the authorization for iPhone applications to prevent other users from installing or accessing third party apps on your device. Modify the iPhone's authorization settings so it denies access to those without the proper passcode. You may enable and disable restrictions at anytime.