How to Sharpen the Focus of an Organization

Category: Culture & Society

Doing good work every day--that's the goal of every organization.
Now and then it's vital that organizations take a break from the dayto-
day frenzy to sit down together and make sure that those good
works are getting done efficiently and effectively. Honing the organization's
mission, vision and values is a time-tested technique.

How to Round Numbers in 2007 Microsoft Excel

Category: Tech

You can round numbers in two ways in Microsoft Excel 2007. To formally round the numbers, use the ROUND function. This rounds the number to a specified number of digits past the decimal point. If you only wish to round numbers cosmetically, choose the formatting option. This option rounds only the displayed number, but it keeps the full number in memory for calculations.

Why Do Children Become Attached to Security Blankets?

Category: Parenting

Many parents of young children have experience with the importance of a security blanket. A child becomes attached to a particular blanket and might wish to bring it along with him everywhere he goes. Alternatively, he might need it to sleep every night. Psychologists have long studied the attachment that children develop to security blankets.