How to Speed Up iPhone Charge on PC

Category: Tech

The Apple iPhone connects to its wall charger using a 10-pin USB cable. As a result, it's also to possible to charge the device simply by plugging the USB cable into any of your computer's USB serial ports. Several factors affect the speed at which an iPhone charges from a computer. If yours charges slowly, try modifying several aspects of your charging arrangement to speed it up.

How to Import an EPS File Iinto Fireworks

Category: Tech

An EPS file can be created by drawing programs such as CorelDraw and Freehand. This file is chosen because it precisely saves vector lines and text. It's possible to import an EPS file into Adobe Fireworks CS3 so you can edit the document in Fireworks. Find out how below.


  • Start Adobe Fireworks CS3. Choose the "File" menu and click "Open" to bring up the "Open" dialog box.

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