Why Choose Organic Cotton Clothes for Your Baby?

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Why Choose Organic Cotton Clothes for Your Baby?

Cotton surrounds you and your baby almost from birth. Most hospitals use cotton receiving blankets and knitted cotton caps. Many doctors recommend cotton fabric for your baby because it is natural, breathable and soft on your baby’s skin. Alone, the fiber is 100 percent organic. Organic cotton comes from plants that are grown without chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

Organic Cotton

  • Mother Earth News states that approximately 25 percent of the world’s insecticides are used on cotton crops. Since these crops are generally harvested by hand, workers are exposed to these toxins firsthand. In addition, many of these chemicals are found in finished cotton products from clothing and diapers to foods that contain cottonseed oil. Using organic cotton protects your child from these highly toxic chemicals.

Organic Cotton Clothing

  • Many doctors recommend dressing your baby in organic cotton clothing. Most importantly, the cloth is nonallergenic unlike wool or linen that may trigger an allergic reaction. Cotton fibers are long and don’t release tiny particles in the air to trigger asthmatic reactions. In addition, the cloth is breathable and soft on her delicate skin. Organic cotton is free from fragrance, pesticides and fertilizer that may linger in non-organic cotton cloth.

Organic Cotton Diapers

  • The choice between disposable and reusable diapers doesn’t preclude the need for organic cotton. Both items use organic cotton fibers. Earth-friendly disposable diapers use organic cotton fiber to absorb waste material and are fully biodegradable. On the other hand, reusable diapers are made from organic cotton, protecting both your baby’s bottom and the Earth. For a better environmental option, try washing your diapers in cold water and line-drying them to bleach in the sun. Consider replacing disposable diaper wipes with organic cotton washcloths or even cut pieces from an adult organic cotton shirt or from bedding.

Other Organic Cotton Items

  • Organic cotton affects more than just clothing. Look for organic cotton receiving blankets in which to swaddle your baby or lay him on top of on the floor for playtime. Organic cotton sheets cover your baby’s crib or bassinet. When washing or caring for your baby, use organic cotton towels and washcloths. Organic balls and swabs protect your baby from any residual chemicals that may hide in the fibers of other options. Finally, since they often go in your baby’s mouth, look for organic cotton toys such as stuffed animals and dolls.

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