When Should One Put a Baby in a Baby Bouncer?

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When Should One Put a Baby in a Baby Bouncer?

A baby bouncer can be a comfortable place for your baby to recline while you aren’t holding him. Baby bouncer seats have a sturdy frame, which is covered with padded fabric designed to bounce or rock the little one. Some bouncers also have batteries that create vibrations and music for comfort and entertainment. The age your baby can use a bouncer depends on your baby’s age and size.

Bouncer Design

  • The design of most current bouncers is such that the fabric seat provides full support for baby’s entire body, advises the Fisher-Price website. Other baby items, such as an umbrella stroller, do not provide this full support. Place the bouncer into the full recline position for a newborn to ensure the safest positioning for your baby. A semi-seated position could create a hazard for babies if airflow becomes restricted due to the position of the baby’s chin against his chest, warns a pamphlet published by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Don’t Overdo It

  • Although it’s convenient to park your baby in the bouncer when you need two hands, it’s not wise to have your baby spend too much time there, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The reclined position of the bouncer can keep your little one from engaging in other activities, such as supervised tummy time on the floor. It’s also unsafe to use the bouncer as a sleep spot, warns the Iowa Department of Public Health. The bouncer does not have the same safety testing and rating as a crib or bassinet for strangulation hazards and airflow restriction.

Outgrowing the Bouncer

  • Eventually, the time will come when your baby becomes too big to safely use the bouncer. When your child reaches the upper weight limit the manufacturer recommends, stop using it. If your child learns to sit unassisted before he reaches the upper weight limit, stop using the bouncer. If you see your little one trying to climb out of the bouncer or maneuvering herself to a sitting position, stop using the bouncer.

Premature Babies

  • It may not be prudent to use a bouncer with a premature baby, according to the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center. Premature babies usually have a greater need for back and tummy support to maintain good posture. A bouncer may not provide the support needed by a premature baby. The baby’s small size might not be the right fit for a bouncer, which could make the baby uncomfortable. The issues of airflow restriction can be especially problematic for premature babies, also. Check with your physician before placing a premature baby in a bouncer.

Additional Warnings

  • Always follow manufacturer instructions for use of the bouncer. Secure your baby in the bouncer carefully, following manufacturer instructions. Place the bouncer on the floor to prevent serious accidents. Never place a baby in the bouncer while it is on a table or elevated surface. Always supervise your little one while in the bouncer. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to learn about bouncer recalls.

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