Power Typing Games

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Power Typing Games

Power typing games are basic typing games created by the company Power Typing to give you a free opportunity to learn how to type online. While the company offers a variety of typing lessons and tutorials, it also offers specific typing games that are appropriate for beginners to advanced typists.

Rain Game

  • Alphabetic Rain is a Power Typing game designed to improve your dexterity on a basic QWERTY keyboard as well a DVORAK keyboard. The game consists of four levels, each of which is more difficult then the next. In each level, letters fall from the sky towards the bottom of the screen. The goal is to type each letter correctly before the letter hits the ground. If you make too many mistakes or too many letters hit the ground, the game ends.

Tree Game

  • The tree game is a word game, focusing on your ability to write out complete words. Choose from four different sections: trees, animals, words and numbers before starting the game. Once you have chosen a section, a word highlighted in its own color will descend from the top of the screen. You can play the game at five levels: beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and faster. Each ascending level brings the words down at a faster pace.


  • The goal of the Barracuda typing game is to help keep your virtual Barracuda's stretch of the water free of words and letters. The current will bring in a variety of letters and words from the left side of the screen to the right side. You must accurately type out each word or letter before it gets to the right side of the screen. Words and letters are case sensitive in this game. The game involves three levels and the longer you play, the faster the words will appear.


  • This basic game starts out with a gray and fuzzy blank screen. Once you hit start, three words appear appear from the gray screen and linger for a second or two before fading back into the fog. You must type out all of the words that come up before they fade back away. Some of the words will come into view with a different background color to distract you while you are writing. Try to get as high a score as you can in the allotted time.

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