Movational Games for Staff Members With Sports Themes

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Movational Games for Staff Members With Sports Themes

Motivational games help with team building and morale. There are several types of games to get your organization working as a team. Some of the best games have a sports theme. Creating activities to motivate employees that are sports related lead to natural team building. Winning these games requires people working together to accomplish a goal. Fostering that relationship among your staff will lead to a winning team for your organization.

Balloon Baseball

  • The staff is divided into two teams. A baseball diamond is laid out. The team that is up to bat selects a pitcher for their team. They throw a balloon to their teammate who is the batter. The batter hits the balloon with their hand and runs the bases. If they make it around the bases before the other team blows the balloon to the ground, the batting team gets one run. All players on each team bat one time. Then the teams switch sides. The game continues for a predetermined number of innings. This game forces teams to formulate several different strategies for not only scoring runs, but limiting the number of runs scored by the other team. This tests a staff's ability as a team to multitask over the course of the game.

Hound and Hunter

  • Have the staff pair up. One person is the hound, the other is the hunter. Objects are placed around the room. Each hound must work out a distinct bark with their hunter. The game begins when one person yells, "Release the hounds." The hounds search the room for the objects needed. Once an item is found, the hound barks to the hunter. Only when the hunter hears their hound’s specific bark are they allowed to move and gather the item their hound found. This game continues until all hidden items are found. The winner is the team that gathers the most items. This game is a great way to help get people comfortable working together one on one.

Three Team Soccer

  • Each team has a goal they must defend. There are only two soccer balls in play. The object of the game is to have the teams defend their net while scoring goals in the other two nets. Every time you let a ball in your team's net, the team loses one point. The first team to let five balls into their net loses the game. The other two teams win. Teams will form alliances and cut deals to gang up on the odd team out. Use the relationships formed to discuss the dynamics of your organization when the game wraps up.

The Invisible Ball

  • The staff forms a circle. One person begins and names a type of ball; they don't have it physically, they imagine it is in their possession. Once the staff member states the type of ball they have, that person must "pass" the ball to someone else in the circle. The employee pretends to pass the ball as if they are playing the sport. If the staff member picks a tennis ball, they may pretend to volley or serve the ball to the person they pick. The next person picks another type of ball and does the same thing. The game continues until the person picked can't think of another type of ball. This game works to fuel a staff's imagination as well as their ability to be creative.

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