List of Things Ancient Egypt Is Known for

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List of Things Ancient Egypt Is Known for

Ancient Egypt was an intelligent and advanced civilization that began almost 8,000 years ago. It introduced to the world a variety of useful inventions, structures and customs that are still studied today. Some of these well-known cultural and sociological phenomena include the pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphics, pharaohs and certain aspects of the ancient Egyptian lifestyle.


Ancient Egypt's pyramids are landmarks recognized around the world. Many believe that these huge creations were built by Egyptian slaves. It took years, and sometimes even decades, to build an Egyptian pyramid. Pyramids were built from chiseled granite and limestone rocks. The rocks were pulled to each level of the pyramid by a system of ramps. Egyptians may have used wooden hoists to help lift up and pull the blocks. The architectural style of these fascinating monuments showed ancient Egyptians' brilliance in technical skills and engineering. For the most part, pyramids served as burial tombs for the wealthy and for royalty. Ancient Egyptians believed that pyramids protected the dead, and they wanted their pharaohs to have safe journeys into the afterlife. Sacred items were usually buried with those in power. Today, pyramids serve as a permanent reminder of the ancient Egyptians and their dedication to their gods and pharaohs.


When Egyptians died, their bodies were usually laid to rest in pits of sand. The conditions in these locations would preserve bodies for hundreds of years, since the hot, dry climate was optimal for mummification. Eventually, Egyptians began to make caskets for the dead, embalm their bodies and wrap them in linen.


Hieroglyphics are a fascinating aspect of ancient Egypt--written symbols that are still studied and sometimes decoded. This system of communication has existed since around 3,000 B.C. There are more than 700 hieroglyphic symbols just for words, while thousands of other symbols represent sounds, according to


Pharaohs were the leaders of ancient Egypt. For the 3,000 years that ancient Egypt thrived, experts estimate that more than 170 pharaohs ruled. The people believed that pharaohs were gods. Pharaohs were responsible for ruling and caring for the people. Well-known pharaohs include King Tut, or Tutankhamen, Cleopatra and Ramses II.


Ancient Egyptians were very involved in their polytheistic religion. Temples to the gods were built everywhere, and religion played a major role in recreational and leisure activities.

Ancient Egypt was also an early civilization that required civilians to pay taxes.

Ancient Egyptians had a high regard for their children and spouses. Women were free to vote and testify in court, though they still had to raise families and care for the home. Marriages were often polygamous, meaning husbands could have more than one wife, and they would usually have children with each wife.

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List of Things Ancient Egypt Is Known for