How to Use Yahoo Sitebuilder

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Yahoo SiteBuilder is great free Web site creator. If you have ever wanted to make a Web site, Yahoo SiteBuilder is an easy to use application that creates very professional looking sites. All you need is an idea and a little time to build an attractive Web page.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Yahoo SiteBuilder


  1. Begin creating your Web page. Open Yahoo SiteBuilder. When the program opens there will be a popup box titled: “No Site Open” prompting you to take action. You have “Create New,” “Open Existing,” “Cancel” and “Help” buttons from which to choose. Click on the “Create New” button. This opens up the “Site Creation Wizard.”

  2. Open and name your page. Click on the “Start” button to begin creating your Web site. Name your Web page and click on “Next.".

  3. Pick your background and page elements. Select either a template or blank page to begin. It is advised to use a template that will give you numerous page elements. Click on “Next." You have the option of dividing the templates into categories for easier selection, or you can view all available templates by using the scroll bar. You may have to download a template that is shown, but is not downloaded yet. If you do, simply select “OK” when the small warning box appears asking for permission to download the template. When you have finished picking one, click on “Next."

  4. Choose your Web site pages and navigation. Place check marks beside each page that you want to include and also decide if your want your separate pages linked by a navigation bar or not. When you have finished click on “Next”. You will see your web sites name and each page created for it on the right side of Yahoo SiteBuilder. Click on the “Finish” button.

  5. Add the details to your web site. On the left side of Yahoo SiteBuilder there are several very useful links and also a “Help” tab to use at any time. If you desire more details about a using Yahoo SiteBuilder, select the links under “I want information." You can work on any of the pages for your Web site by selecting them from the tabs in the center of the application, by double clicking them from the “Site Contents” on the right side or from the “Open Recent Files” found on the left side. You can make changes to any of the pages elements by double clicking them. You can also find several options for each element by right clicking on them. Once you have finished all of the changes (edits) to your page, be sure to save it. You can observe a small preview of your page on the lower right side of the Yahoo SiteBuilder application.

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