How to setup Google Apps Standard Edition (free) with a new Domain Name

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How to setup Google Apps Standard Edition (free) with a new Domain Name

Google Apps (not to be confused with Android apps) is a collection of web services designed for small businesses and website owners. Small business owners or non-profit organizations can use Google Apps Standard Edition with their domain for no extra charge. Setting up a Google Apps account is relatively simple, especially if you already use regular Google services Google services like Gmail or Google Calendar. The free version of Google Apps is limited to ten user accounts.


  • Start your web browser and navigate to "" Enter your domain and click "Get Started."

  • Enter your personal information in the fields marked with an asterisk (*). You may also enter the incidental information for your company or organization, but it is not required. Your sign-up email may not be on the domain that you are setting up.

  • Click the check-box next to "Google Apps requires changes to DNS to properly set up services. " Click "Continue."

  • Enter a username/email address and a password. Enter the captcha phrase. Click "I accept. Continue with the setup."

  • Click "Next," then "Next" again. Right-click the HTML file and save it to your computer desktop. Open your FTP application a new web browser and upload the file to your web server. If you do not know how to access your file serve,r consult your web master or network administrator.

  • Switch back to the Google Apps browser window. Click "Verify." You Google Apps account is now enabled.

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