How to Round Numbers in 2007 Microsoft Excel

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You can round numbers in two ways in Microsoft Excel 2007. To formally round the numbers, use the ROUND function. This rounds the number to a specified number of digits past the decimal point. If you only wish to round numbers cosmetically, choose the formatting option. This option rounds only the displayed number, but it keeps the full number in memory for calculations.

ROUND Function

  • Find the number you wish to round. As an example, you might want to round the number 123.456789 in the cell A1.

  • Enter "=ROUND(number,digits)" in another cell. Replace "number" with the actual number or reference you want to round. Replace "digits" with the number of digits past the decimal point to keep. As an example, enter "=ROUND(A1,2)" to round the number in A1 to two digits.

  • Press "Enter" to perform the calculation. In the example, this results in 123.46.

  • Formatting Method

  • Right-click the number's cell and select "Format cells..."

  • Enter the number of decimal places you wish to use in the field labeled "Decimal places" on the Numbers tab.

  • Click "OK" to accept the format. In the previous example, 123.46 is displayed, but 123.456789 is used for calculations.

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