How to Make a ThreeWay Call With Boost Mobile

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How to Make a Three-Way Call With Boost Mobile

Three-way calling, or conference calling, is available to Boost Mobile customers. Three-way calling enables you to speak with two different people at the same time. Placing a three-way call is a great way to communicate with different friends and loved ones at the same time. Depending on your Boost Mobile plan, three-way calling may or may not be included. The process of making a three-way call with a Boost Mobile phone may vary slightly based on the model of the phone.


  • Place a call on your Boost Mobile phone by pressing the number and the "Send" button.

  • Wait for the party to answer the phone.

  • Dial the other number you want to add to the call. The first caller will be placed on hold.

  • Press the "Send" button on your phone.

  • Wait for the party to answer the phone.

  • Press the "Send" button on your phone again to conference both callers.

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