How to Keep an Epson R320 Printing With a Low Ink Reminder

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The Epson R320 is a discontinued model of color inkjet printer that uses six cartridges to produce color photos and documents. A red warning light flashes on the front control panel of the R320 when cartridges are running low, but it's best to keep replacements on, hand because the Epson will not print if any of the cartridges are empty. One way to get around this design problem is to redistribute the remaining ink in the cartridges to "trick" the R320 sensors and squeeze a few more pages out of the dying cartridges.


  • Pause the printer by clicking the "Pause Printing" button on the Epson software when the low ink warning light begins flashing on the front control panel. Leave the printer turned on. Locate the pause function by double-clicking the printer icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the computer screen to display the Epson R320 printer utility.

  • Raise the printer cover and wait for the printer cartridge compartment to come to a stop.

  • Press down on the tab at the back of each cartridge, working left to right, to lift the cartridges straight out of the printer one at a time.

  • Shake each cartridge gently to redistribute ink so it can be detected by the printer sensor through the metal contacts on the back of each cartridge.

  • Replace each cartridge in its original slot and push down until it clicks in the locked position.

  • Close the printer cover and resume printing. The cartridges should continue to work for several additional pages, depending on the concentration of color required for the image from any particular cartridge. Remember, when even one cartridge runs out, the printer will stop working.

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