How to Install Java Swing

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Java is Sun Corporation's cross platform, object-oriented computer software development language. Built to run in a virtual machine much like its younger competitor, Microsoft's .NET platform, Java is as much a framework as it is a language. Part of the Java framework is the Java Foundation Classes which include packages which enable software developers to build form-based graphical applications on the desktop. One of the packages in the JFC is called Java Swing. To install Java Swing, simply install the latest version of the Java Development Kit.


  1. Download the Java Development Kit 6 (JDK6), which includes Java Swing, by visiting Sun's download page. Select your operating system from the "platform" dropdown list, and click the "Download" button.

  2. Locate the file you just downloaded. The filename has the JDK version in it, so if you download the latest version of the JDK as of this writing, the file name will be jdk-6u1-windows-i586.exe

  3. Run the self installing executable you just downloaded and located. The installer may ask you to agree to the terms of the license agreement, but will automatically place all the necessary files to begin using Java Swing.

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