How to Hook Up My Comcast Cable Modem With a USB Cable

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How to Hook Up My Comcast Cable Modem With a USB Cable

If you are a Comcast Cable Internet customer, the installation of your modem is done through your Ethernet connection of your computer. There are certain times where you will need to install your Comcast Cable modem using a USB port on your computer and a USB cable, like when your computer doesn't have an Ethernet port or phone jack. There is usually no installation disk that comes with your modem, and the readme information disk is not a whole lot of help.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable
  • USB port on your computer
  • Comcast Cable modem
  • USB modem drivers

Download Drivers

  • Click the link for the appropriate make and model for the modem that you have. This brings up a download window.

  • Select the Save File option. When downloading has finished, open the file location and right click the file you just downloaded.

  • Select the option to Extract All Files, which unzips the file. Click on the execution file (denoted with the .exe file extension).

  • Hooking Up the Comcast Modem

  • Attach the small end of the USB cable into the modem in the location designated by the USB symbol (on the large end of the cable) or by the “USB” label on the modem.

  • Attach the large end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port.

  • Plug the modem's power cord into the proper location on the modem and then plug the other end into an outlet.

  • Wait for the modem to configure and go through detections. Keep an eye on the lights that designate the power and Internet connections. When all of the proper lights are on, you are ready to test the modem connection.

  • Open your Internet browser to test your Internet connection.

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