How to GPS Bug a Car

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How to GPS Bug a Car

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology will allow you to track your employees or the movements of family members. This gives you peace of mind by confirming that your teenagers made it home safely, or that your employees are doing their jobs. Today's GPS devices are portable, and battery power can last for several days, or even weeks. Just switch the device on, place it with the vehicle, and begin tracking.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS device


  • Purchase a GPS device. Examples include the Spark Nano, Livewire FastTrac, or Bolt AVL Fleet GPS Tracker. As of 2010, these devices can be purchased within a price range of $199 to $399. These devices allow you to track them in real time, online at your PC, without the need to install software.

  • Place the GPS device in the car's glove compartment, or underneath the seat. Charge the battery fully to ensure that power loss does not prevent you from tracking a vehicle. The batteries on these devices can last between five to 120 days with an extended battery pack.

  • Go online and log in to your GPS tracking account. You will be given a log in name, password, and URL to a website when you purchase your tracker. All of these GPS devices use the same service, which is named Lightning GPS. Once you log in, a map with a blinking dot appears on your screen. That dot marks the location of the vehicle. It will also give you the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and direction of travel for the vehicle. Zoom on the vehicle by using the "+" button located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Zoom out by using the "-" button. Scroll around the map by using the arrow keys.

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