How Do I Embed Copyright and File Information Into Digital Photos in Photoshop?

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Embed copyright and file information into your digital photos in Adobe Photoshop CC to protect them from unauthorized distribution. By embedding file information into your photos, you make it possible for people to contact you if they want to use your services or purchase the photo.Add the data to the photo as metadata.

Step 1:

Open the photo you want to edit in Adobe Photoshop CC, clickFileand selectFile Infofrom the menu to display the File Info window. Alternatively, pressAlt-Shift-Ctrl-Ito display the window.

Step 2:

Type or paste information about your photo into the relevant fields of the Basic tab including theAuthorandDescription Writerfields. Provide a short description in theDescriptionfield.

SelectCopyrightedfrom theCopyright Statusdrop-down box. If you want your image to be in the public domain, selectPublic Domaininstead ofCopyrighted.

Type the copyright notice into theCopyright Noticefield. A simple notice such as "© 2009 John Doe. All Rights Reserved" is enough in most cases.

Step 3:

SelectExportfrom theTemplatedrop-down box to save the copyright data for use on other images. Type a name for the file, select a destination folder and clickSaveto save the data in an XMP file.

To import data from an XMP file, selectImportfrom theTemplatedrop-down box. Select the file and clickOpento import the metadata into the File Info window.

Step 4:

Add additional information about your file byselecting different tabsand filling the fields. To add information about yourself, including address and contact information,fill the fields in the IPTC tab.

To add information about the origin of the file -- including date created and location information -- fill the fields in theOrigintab.

The fields in theCamera DataandGPS Datatabs, including camera manufacturer, lens information and EXIF data, are filled automatically by Photoshop with data from your digital camera. The GPS Data fields are filled only if the digital camera supports GPS.

The XMP file code is displayed in theRaw Datafield. The Extensible Metadata Platform code contains all the metadata that is embedded by Photoshop into the digital photo.

ClickOKto save the metadata.

Step 5:

ClickFileand selectSavefrom the menu to save the changes. The metadata is not saved until you save the image;you lose it if you close the image without saving.

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