How to Configure PSX Emulator

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How to Configure PSX Emulator

The ePSXe is a totally free emulator that allows you to play your PlayStation games on your computer. Configuring it can be a little bit of a pain, but if you are patient and resourceful (i.e., know how to search the Internet), you can get this amazing piece of software up and running with very little effort.


  • Download ePSXe, Pete's OpenGL 2 PSX plug-in and zlib1 (see Resources). Open the ePSXe folder. You need to legally obtain a copy of the PlayStation BIOS. Copy the BIOS file you have into the BIOS folder. Copy "Pete's OpenGL 2 PSX" plug-in into the Plug-in folder. Copy the "zlib1" file into the same folder as espxe.exe, which is the main folder.

  • Open ePSXe, go to the screen provided and open the wizard guide. Click ''Config'' and you will be brought to the BIOS select screen. Select the BIOS you have and select ''Next." You will be brought to the Video plug-in config screen. Select the OpenGL 2 PSX you copied to the Plug-in folder.

  • Press ''Next'' and you will be brought to the Audio plug-in screen. You didn't download an audio plug-in for ePSXe because it comes with one. Select it and press ''Next'' twice to be brought to the Controller config screen. If you have a controller plugged into your computer, press ''Controller 1'' and map out the buttons you want to use. Click ''Next'' one more time and press ''Done."

  • Run your PlayStation games from your DVD drive or you can run them from an ISO file, which is an image of a DVD or CD. To start the game, click on file from ePSXe's menu bar and select either ''Run CD-ROM'' or ''Run ISO." Your game will start. Enjoy.

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