How to Choose a Personal Motto

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A motto is a word or words that sum up your beliefs or outlook on life. When you choose personal motto, you are actually delving into your own mind to find what makes you tick or what drives you to make the choices you make. Look into yourself, and figure out your theme and you can find a personal motto.


  • Listen to music. Sometimes lyricists can say it best, and when you find a song that really speaks to you, it is very likely that it contains a phrase you can choose as your personal motto. Some lyrics that may work are: "view the world with the eye of the tiger," "go down in a blaze of glory" or "don't worry be happy."

  • Talk to your friends. Though you may not wish to copy your personal motto, it is good idea to hear other mottos in order to choose your own.

  • Look to philosophy. There have been many great thinkers in the world, and they had some wonderful things to say. Choose your personal motto by modeling it after a great thinker you connect with. Some examples are: "live and let live," "laugh and be fat" and "practice the golden rule."

  • Read up on Latin sayings. You have to translate them into English, but there are many great phrases that can become your personal motto. Choose one like "veni vidi vicci" or "I'll either find a way or make one."

  • Seek advice from those you admire. Sometimes the people you look up to, like professors, parents or big names in your field, are the ones who coin phrases that sum up your views and can become a personal motto.

  • Find a personal motto or creed in your favorite book. Usually a book that becomes your favorite does so because it has a character or philosophy that speaks to your heart.

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