How to Cancel My Medicare

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How to Cancel My Medicare

Medicare covers health-related expenses for people who are at retirement age or are disabled. Medicare has three parts: Part A for hospital expenses, Part B for doctor's visits and medical supplies and Part D for prescription drug expenses. Since Medicare part A is not voluntary and you do not pay a premium for coverage, you cannot cancel it. However, you can terminate your coverage under Medicare Part B and Part D. You can cancel you Medicare Part B coverage any time. However, you can only cancel Part D during the open enrollment period from November 15 to December 31 each year. You must speak with an Social Security Administration (SSA) case worker in person before you can cancel Medicare benefits.

Canceling Medicare Part B

  • Locate the SSA office in your area by going to the SSA website and clicking "Find a Social Security office" in the left-side menu. Put your ZIP code in the box and click "Locate." Print the local SSA office list on the following page.

  • Call your SSA office and tell the customer service representative that you wish to cancel your Medicare Part B benefits. She will set up an appointment for you to speak with a case manager in person.

  • Go the the interview at the local office. The case worker will discuss the ramifications of canceling your Medicare benefits. These include the loss of health coverage, having to re-apply as a new recipient and having to pay a fee if you choose to re-enroll. The case worker will give you the benefit termination form for you to read and sign to ensure you understand the consequences.

  • Sign the final Medicare termination request form when you receive it from the SSA and mail it to the address on the form. Your cancellation is final one month after requesting it.

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