How to Address Wedding Invitations to a Lawyer

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How to Address Wedding Invitations to a Lawyer

Although weddings themselves are loaded with chances to follow proper etiquette, so is the process of addressing the invitations to your guests. With most of the invitations, you can get away with using "Mr.," "Mrs." or "Ms.," but you need to take a different approach when you invite a lawyer to the festive occasion.

Don't Forget the Esquire

  • Write the lawyer's given name and surname, followed by a comma and "Esquire" or the abbreviation "Esq." on the top line of the invitation envelope's address portion. Don't use a prefix such as "Mr." or "Ms." List the lawyer's home mailing address on the following lines. In the rare event you've chosen to send your invitation to the lawyer's office, include "c/o" and the law firm's name on the second line of the invitation, then write the firm's mailing address below. The Protocol School of Washington reports that for social matters, it's not necessary to include the "Esq." suffix. Thus, for a wedding invitation to a lawyer and spouse, it's acceptable to write "Mr." and "Mrs." if the couple uses the same last name and the lawyer is male. If the lawyer is female, address the envelope as "Mr. (full name) and Ms. (full name)."

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