Differences Between Ancient & Modern Egypt

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Differences Between Ancient & Modern Egypt

Egypt has existed in various forms since the beginning of human civilization. Military conquests and political revolutions caused many fundamental changes during that time.


Today, Egypt is at the core of the Muslim world while in the past it was dominated by varying polytheistic beliefs and Christianity.


Religious changes occurred with Egypt’s evolving governance. The original pharaoh rulers were conquered by Alexander the Great. His descendants merged Greek and Egyptian traditions until the Roman Empire conquered Egypt and subjugated its culture. Rome and its successor states ruled Egypt until the rise of Islam in the 7th century AD.


These new rulers brought a new culture and language. The original Egyptian language of hieroglyphics was forgotten. It was not understood until an expedition led by Napoleon discovered a stone translating the language into Greek in 1799.


The geography of Egypt has also changed since its inception, due in large part to the Aswan High Dam. The dam helped expand irrigation along the Nile River and created the large Lake Nasser.

Political Significance

However, one constant throughout Egypt’s history has been its political importance. This importance has shifted from its role as a regional superpower in ancient times to the role of an agricultural breadbasket for Rome, to the role of a cultural core for the Arab world.

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Differences Between Ancient & Modern Egypt