Detroit Diesel Generator Specs

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Detroit Diesel Generator Specs

Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG and is an affiliate of Daimler Trucks North America LLC. Known as a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of heavy-duty diesel engines, Detroit Diesel is also well known for their dependable, industrial power generators, according to the Nationwide Diesel Service & Supply, Inc. website. The modern diesel generator is engineered to meet emergency power needs by continuously monitoring electrical current. The generator will automatically start up when power is interrupted and then shut down when utility power is restored.


  • Detroit Diesel manufactures diesel generators for long-lasting primary or backup power for the home or office, and in industrial and communications applications. With little or no maintenance, the generators provide thousands of hours of service. Different cooling and exhaust systems are available for all the generator models, which are powered by a modern electronically controlled industrial engine. All generators meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standard, assuring safety for the user as well as the environment. Additionally, the Detroit diesel generators are equipped with magnet excitation which gives an immediate response to trip downstream circuit breakers.

Open or Enclosed

  • Detroit Diesel generators can be purchased in open or enclosed models. Containerized models are also available, allowing for easy transport of the generator as well as weather protection and sound attenuation. Prices for nine available open generators range from $124,690 to $481,764. Prices for the nine enclosed generators range from $145,796 to $531,754, according to the Hardy Diesel Generators website.

KW Power

  • Diesel generators are available in very low KW power to extremely high-powered. The lowest powered diesel generator is the 715 KW. The highest powered diesel generator is the 2,230 KW. Other generators available are the 810 KW, 915 KW, 1020 KW, 1205 KW, 1450 KW, 1730 KW and 1975 KW. All generators operate at 60 Hz.


  • The Detroit diesel generator can be liquid-cooled or air-cooled. The liquid-cooled generator has the advantage of providing an evenly controlled temperature and quiet operation, according to Nationwide Diesel Service and Suppy. While diesel fuel is priced moderately higher than gas, it has a higher density, allowing more energy to be extracted as compared to the same volume of gas.

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