Can You Set Up a POP3 Email Account on an iPad?

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Like the similar but smaller iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the iPad includes a "Mail" app that allows you to receive mail with one touch. The Mail app includes pre-set options for setting up common email servers such as Gmail and Hotmail. If you use your own Web space or a private company or school server, you can set up POP3 email on your iPad.

Incoming and Outgoing Email Servers

  • When you set up email that originates from a widely used provider such as Gmail or Hotmail on the iPad, all the values you need for setup besides your username and password are pre-populated. When you set up your own POP3 email address, however, you need the incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, which permit the device to send and receive email from the account. While the typical format for both addresses is "," contact the system administrator to verify this before you set up your POP3 email on the iPad.

    If you use an ISP-based email address with an email program such as Microsoft Outlook on your laptop or desktop computer, locate your incoming and outgoing email servers by selecting "Email Accounts" from the Tools pane and selecting "View or Change Existing Email Accounts." Select the account whose information you want to view and click "Next" to view its information, which includes the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Use this information to set up your email on your iPad.


POP3 on Multiple Devices

  • One potential problem of setting up your iPad to receive POP3 email arises if you've set up the email address on multiple other devices. Namely, if you retrieve email on an iPad, it may not show up in the inboxes of other devices. To remedy this, choose the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" option from the iPad's "Settings" menu, select "Advanced" and tap "Remove." Tap a longer duration -- "After One Week," for example -- to make sure messages stay on the server for some length of time after you retrieve them on your iPad.

Multiple Email Accounts

  • If you set up multiple email accounts on your iPad, regardless of whether they're POP3, the process of retrieving mail using the device becomes slightly more complex. Specifically, rather than tapping the "Mail" icon and instantly having access to your inbox, you must first tap the name of the account you wish to access, then tap "Inbox" to gain access to its inbox.

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