About Digital Drawing Pads

Category: Tech

Computer technology is an ever-evolving beast that can really surprise you with some great gadgets. One of these is the digital drawing pad, which has been around for a while, though recent developments have really made them worth purchasing. These items are great for anyone who is more comfortable with a pen in their hand than a mouse, or those who want to be able to draw digitally, without having to use a scanner to get pictures onto a computer.


  • Digital drawing pads are rectangular devices that either have a gray screen, or a built in computer screen on its face. They all come with a pen-like stylus.


  • The screen of a digital drawing pad is pressure sensitive. When the stylus puts pressure on it and one begins to draw, the drawing will either show up on the computer screen it is attached to, or on a built-in screen.


  • The first digital drawing pads were created in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They gained popularity in the 1980s, but didn't see loads of features, such as handwriting recognition, until the 1990s.

Mouse Capability

  • Digital drawing pads are not only used to draw and write with. They also have a function that allows the stylus pen to be used in place of a mouse to move around a cursor on the computer screen.

Pain Reduction

  • Many people rave about the benefits of using a digital drawing pad over using a computer and a mouse to draw. The manipulation of the stylus pen helps relieve strain and pain from carpal tunnel syndrome that can flare up when a mouse is used.

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