How to Use Excel's VALUE Function

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Excel's VALUE function converts a text representation of a number to that number and returns it as numeric data. It is primarily used for compatibility with other spreadsheet applications. VALUE generally should not be required in a formula because Excel automatically converts text to the required type if needed.


  • Learn the syntax for VALUE. It is VALUE(number_text).

  • How to View Free Resume Sample Writing

    Category: Tech

    Looking at and analyzing free resumes can take as little as five minutes. Resumes are usually the first resource that a prospective employer uses to judge whether you are a potentially good fit for the company. Viewing free resume samples is a good way to learn how to format your resume properly and to find out what information should be included for prospective employers.

    How to Download YouTube Songs Into iTunes

    Category: Tech

    The easiest way to download songs from YouTube, either in video or audio file format, is to use a browser extension or a converter website. Either method can generate both video and audio files in formats that are supported by iTunes, so adding the songs to your library once you've saved them to your hard drive is simply a matter ofimporting themas you normally would.

    How to Change Your Country on YouTube on a Phone

    Category: Tech

    YouTube automatically detects your location and sets itself to match. Usually, this ensures that its recommendations and search results are in your language and geographically relevant to you. If you’re traveling, however, or the detection algorithm malfunctions, you’ll see results for videos regarding things you may not find relevant. You can remedy this situation by manually setting your location.

    How to Convert File Types

    Category: Tech

    When working with various file types, you might need to convert them into another format at least once. Changing files from .WMV to .MOV and .MP4 to .M4V is something you can do with some conversion web sites. With a few suggestions, you'll learn how to convert file types.