Can You Set Up a POP3 Email Account on an iPad?

Category: Tech

Like the similar but smaller iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the iPad includes a "Mail" app that allows you to receive mail with one touch. The Mail app includes pre-set options for setting up common email servers such as Gmail and Hotmail. If you use your own Web space or a private company or school server, you can set up POP3 email on your iPad.

How to Troubleshoot a Crashing Computer

Category: Tech

During World War II they were called "gremlins"--tiny demons responsible for seemingly inexplicable aircraft problems. Today, gremlins prefer personal computers, which often seem to crash if you so much as give them a funny look. Although a crash-proof computer has yet to be built (just ask NASA), you can rid yours of most gremlins with a little patient troubleshooting.