How Often Do Jewel Cichlids Mate?

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Hemichormis bimaculatus, or the jewel cichlid, is a colorful red fish with two or more distinctive dark spots on its body. The term "jewel" refers to the light iridescent spots that are present on the fish's body that look like jewels or rhinestones. Originating from freshwater streams, lakes and rivers in Africa, the jewel cichlid can grow up to 6 inches in length and have an average lifespan of five years.

What Reptiles Are Vegetarians?

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Although some turtles and lizards limit their diet toplant materials, all snakes and crocodilians are exclusivelycarnivorous. Nevertheless, many species that are normally herbivores will consume occasional animal-based foods. Because it takes a lot of energy to digest tough plant material, most herbivorous reptiles arediurnal, but one unusual lizard collects its plant-based food at night.