When Can Dogs Be Bathed After Delivery?

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Your dog giving birth is a joyous occasion, but the event does tend to be a messy one. Keeping Sasha's nesting box clean is vital to her health and the health of the puppies, and keeping Sasha clean is one step in accomplishing that. You should change out the bedding once your dog is done giving birth. She'll clean her puppies. You'll want to give her a bath, but you shouldn't do it right away.

What to Feed Laying Hens

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The food you supply your laying hens has an impact on egg production and taste. Feed quality foods that meet the nutritional needs of your hens. Fortunately, finding and delivering quality feed is simple.

What to Feed a Miniature Horse

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Feeding a miniature horse is similar to feeding a standard equine, in the sense that one size does not fit all. Most minis do well on a hay-only diet, but broodmares and working minis may require grain. Becauseobesityis a big problem for these tiny horses, limit the feeding of treats. Minis should always have access to clean, fresh water.