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How to Cook Giant Puff Balls

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The giant puffball is a large edible mushroom that can grow anywhere from the size of a softball to the size of a beach ball. They are safe to eat and are used often for their rich earthy flavor and velvety texture. Before you cook your giant puffball mushroom, check it for any signs of yellow or purple discoloration, which indicate that it is rotten. The mushroom meat should be white throughout.

How to Eat Barley to Increase Fiber Intake

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Barley is more than a soup thickener. With 9g per cooked cup, it's one of the most fiber-rich foods you could eat. It's also as versatile as rice. Getting into the habit of substituting barley for other grains in dishes is a good idea. Even if you get your barley in a sealed bag rather than bulk, be sure to rinse it well several times before cooking.