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How to Choose a Personal Motto

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A motto is a word or words that sum up your beliefs or outlook on life. When you choose personal motto, you are actually delving into your own mind to find what makes you tick or what drives you to make the choices you make. Look into yourself, and figure out your theme and you can find a personal motto.

How to Sharpen the Focus of an Organization

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Doing good work every day--that's the goal of every organization.
Now and then it's vital that organizations take a break from the dayto-
day frenzy to sit down together and make sure that those good
works are getting done efficiently and effectively. Honing the organization's
mission, vision and values is a time-tested technique.

How to Plan a Bris

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Mazel tov! You have a beautiful boy--and eight days to plan a bris
(also called a Brith Milah), when the baby is circumcised and receives
his Hebrew name. A bris is one of the rare Jewish life-cycle rituals
that can be performed on Shabbat or even High Holidays. Don't forget
the bagels and lox!

Black Cowboy History

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Black cowboys were usually ex-slaves who drove herds of cattle over hundreds of miles of rough and dangerous terrain and through cattle market towns that were wide open and lawless.