Tis’ the Season of Resolutions


The New Year is a time for new resolutions, many of which focus around weight loss.  Seeing all this can be difficult on those that struggle with eating disorders.  It can seem normal to think that you need to lose weight or tone up this time of year.  While this may be true for some and it can be a good time to start anew, it is not for everyone and I wish it wasn’t portrayed this way.  Do we really need to read about another ridiculous diet or crazy workout plan?


Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring these messages as it really makes my blood boil, however at times there sometimes is that little nagging voice that wants me to look inside and find the magic bullet.  I however have found the strength to turn away and these images and messages have faded to the background.

That was until this morning when I saw what I will deem the worst commercial yet by a major company, and while I shouldn’t be surprised I am deeply disgusted.  Who is the offender?

Special K.

The Special K diet has been around for quite a while, but as of early last year they started a campaign called “What will you gain when you lose?”  Instead of seeing a number when you step on the scale you see an inspirational word, that in this specific commercial were terms such as joy, happiness, freedom, suggesting that by following their weight loss plan you could experience these emotions.  The diet that you would need to follow is outlined here at I Came To Run, and falls into a category of starvation.  The total caloric intake on this plan?  A dangerous 829 calories a day.

Not ok.


The commercial began by showing nice feet, with colorful toenails.  At first glance I thought perhaps this was an ad for nail polish, but then I saw it.  The scale.  Not just a run of the mill scale, but many different shots of scales of varying shapes and colors, offering the suggestion that weighing yourself is fun!  Then put the feet and the scales together, voila!  Words of success and positive emotions!  Do we really need another message that we should judge ourselves based off of this hunk of metal?

What is your reaction to this? Please comment!

Photo Credits: Foodista.com, about-face.org