Sunday Media Montage 12-04-2011

Welcome to the Sunday round-up of the best in eating disorder news, yoga, and whatever else struck my fancy this past week!

Lots of chatter in regards to body image this week both on the Photoshopping front as well as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show

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  • Eating disorders in the world of ballet.  Is this a surprise?


  • How sick do you have to look to be sick? Many with eating disorders may not appear that way on the outside!
  • Recovery versus Recovered.  What is the difference?  Personally if someone writes me off as recovered I start to twitch.  Nope not there and don’t know that I ever will be.  This is all a journey!  Embrace the path.
  • Gluten. You hear this term thrown around more and more.  Read up on it and what gluten intolerance is and why the prevalence of it in the population NewImageis increasing.  No this isn’t a weight loss trend.

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