What is Victoria’s Secret?

Last night I found myself plopped in front of the TV watching the beginning of the long-awaited and very popular Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  The last time I saw it was several years ago and all I really remember is that what the models wear is not really what is in the stores.  You might catch a glimpse of a 5 for $25 or 3 for $30 deal, but otherwise the 2.5 million dollar bra is a little out of my price range.


What did catch my eye last night however was the state of the models.  This being a lingerie fashion show I was expecting some curves and perhaps some more women-like bodies than that which is the norm on the catwalk but I was quite surprised to find this wasn’t the case.  Bodies such as that of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, or any of the other big names were absent from the catwalk and instead I saw women that were quite scary to look at in only their bras and underwear.  Prominent hip bones protruding, legs that are the same diameter all the way up, and sunken cheekbones that rendered all the models looking pretty much the same in appearance.  I find that this look is almost androgynous and takes away the beauty of individuality.


Even with extreme Photoshopping this isn’t how the models look in the magazines or print ads and I wonder why they have to switch it up so much on the runway.  How is this even remotely appealing?  Selling something that is supposed to be sexualized but modeling it on someone who is in a de-sexualized state?  Perhaps this appeals to teenage boys, but somehow I don’t think that they are the target market.

The actually fashion show was actually held about a month ago and at the time there was a lot of buzz regarding how the models prepare for it.  Adriana Lima was quoted as saying that in the days leading up to the show she engages in twice daily workouts, a liquid diet and then in the 12 hours before the show has no food or drink.  While she is open that this isn’t the norm I do wonder why she has to go to such lengths.  What would her body be like if she didn’t do this.

Did you watch the fashion show last night?  What are your thoughts?


Photo Credits: uplolit.com, lokoi.com