September 2011

The Overwhelming of Technology

Let’s get it all out in the open:

Cell phones, laptops, ipods, ipads, internet, e-mail, texting, phone calls, .

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace (is that really still around?), LinkedIn, Foursquare, Meetup, Flickr, Picasa, DeviantArt, YouTube, Hulu, UStream, Vimeo, Flixster, IMDb, Skype, Google Talk, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Buzz, FriendFeed, RSS, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Yelp, Ebay, Etsy, iTunes Ping, Soundcloud, BandCamp, PlanCast,  Pinterest, Technorati and of course…


Web, Images, Plus, Videos, Maps, News, Gmail, iGoogle, Bookmarks, Mobile, Scholar, Docs, Reader, Chrome, Toolbar, Picnik, Latitude, Books, Earth, Panoramio, Calendar, Talk, Sites, Translate, Voice, Desktop, Checkout, Sketch Up, Health, Pack, Knol, Groups, Orkut, Finance, Alerts, Patent Search, Trends, Product Search, Custom Search, Fusion Tables, Labs, Code, Fonts

I know I left out some popular sites.  Crosscheck with this list.

Times I was distracted writing this post:

  • FF on Twitter and adding some new follows.  This led to:
  • Adding two new sites to my RSS feed
  • Editing an online profile
  • Responding to a Facebook message
  • Deleting 5 new e-mails
  • Searching for the cheapest way to order a new bag of dog food and going to credit cards statements to remember where I ordered from last time since it takes my dogs a couple months to go through a bag.
  • Searching for the names of all the social media sites and subsequently erasing all my settings from my own blog because of an inadvertent drag and drop.
  • Fixing the above
  • Looking at productivity charts via Productive Flourishing and printing them out
  • Answering a cell phone call from my best friend who proceeded to pause on the phone with “Hold on just a second, I’m going to order a pie.”  Perhaps this was more humorous in context.
  • Cleaning the kitchen while on the phone
  • Deleting more e-mail messages
  • Staring at my ever growing Gruml reader that now has 55 unread posts

Perhaps time for some streamlining!  Now if I could only go to sit in the solitude of this place:


Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Please weigh in!



Wednesday’s Random Ramblings Volume 2

Wednesday’s Random Ramblings may become a regular feature here at Balancing on Two Feet.  I’m having a lot of fun with the randomness of everyday life and odd little tidbits of information.

  • Things to explain:  Posting post-workout and self-portraits on Facebook.  Shameless self promotion?  Driving with headphones on?



  • I don’t like asparagus or broccoli.  Don’t even mention onions to me.  I will run screaming.


IMG 1026

  • One dog pees on his dog food bin.  The other like to eat toilet paper.  Sometimes he grabs the whole roll and runs out of the bathroom.  He likes to toilet paper my apartment.


  • Fall is in the air.  I love it!  My favorite season.  Perhaps this year I will indulge in consuming a Pumpkin Spice Latte rather than just smelling one.  Mr. ED never let me have one before.  Other things I’ve never had?  A milkshake!  However not being able to stomach much dairy I am doubtful of that ever happening.



  • Don’t let my dogs fool you.  While Othello seems aggressive when you first meet him, jumping and making horrible noises, Winston is the nasty one.  He has “issues” from before I adopted him and has an attack mode.  Evidence?  The scar on my lip. He now takes Prozac for it, but still has some nasty bouts.  I however still am enamored with the little guy.


  • I love all things Mac and abhor my Droid X phone.  Have I hung up on you yet today?  Maybe I just need a bigger head.  Silly light sensor.


  • I’ve almost been hit by a car two times in two days while walking Othello and most definitely had the nifty white walk sign.  Right on red?  Wrong.



  • Hunting.  A couple of weeks ago my mom went to look at a pre-auction event at one of the auction houses in Columbus.  They had whole bears, polar bears, tigers, and other mounted animal heads.  This got me thinking about hunting as a sport, which I am very against.  I think that they need to change hunting laws so that people have the same “advantages” as the animals.  That is nothing except what they were born with.  I guarantee if hunters knew that had to go out there and fight with their bare hands they would think twice about this so-called “game.”

Score: Animals 1

Humans 0

  • In a similar vein one of the most upsetting things to me is road kill.  I’ve been driving by a dead dog on the highway for a few days now and am almost ready to pick it up so it doesn’t have to lay there in disgrace.  I hear you aren’t supposed to swerve to miss an animal in the road.  I do and I would.  Watch out people, Hannah coming through!
  • I once went to an Amish Summer camp.  I kid you not.  They even have a website now! At the ripe old age of 8, I emerged with the experiences of slicing my hand open on barbed wire (and fixing it myself), a full body heat rash, the traumatic event of walking into a room of naked boys, and worst of all…seeing a baby chicken eaten whole by a dog.  Thus ended by brief love affair with the Amish way of life.
  • Have you check out Pinterest yet?  An amazing assortment of color, love, and life!  I found this there today.  This may be Othello come Valentine’s Day!



What are your random thoughts of the day?  Post below in the comments section!



The ties that bind



You see the this outside.  What is your reaction?

Disgust? Sadness?  Do you want to free the dog of its chains?

In my Sunday Media Montage I posted an article about untethering. This concept has been on my mind for days and I realized that many of us lead lives similar to the dog.  We are tied up and bound by what we perceive as our obligations, work, duties, social life, and our ideas of what we want to be, leading to stress, unhappiness, illness, and exhaustion. Yet so often we fail to realize this, to set ourselves free.

I recently untethered myself from something that had been filling up a lot of space in my live, Crossfit.  Letting go of this opened allowed a flood of ideas, desires, and new experiences to flood my life and over the past couple days I’ve had to sit down and prioritize of those things what was most important  I’ve never had to do that before.  By letting go of something that had run its course I stepped closer to my authentic self and was seemingly rewarded.

It is essential to take time for ourselves to reflect on what fills our lives.  It become so easy to fall into habit and forget why we engage in our routines.  As I’ve written before this “autopilot” can take over days, months, and years and when we try to reflect on the past it comes up as an empty slate.  Don’t let this become your reality.

Untethering doesn’t have to be a radical change.  Perhaps start out untethering from technology, something that gets wrapped up in a false belief as a need rather than a luxury.  Take a throwback to the time before cell phones and laptops. Talk a walk without your phone and schedule a couple of hours aways from your computer.


Untether from your material possessions.  Before you buy that next pair of shoes ask how much you really need them?  Are they really useful or are they just going to fill up space in your closet, cluttering your space and your mind?


The media perpetuates the idea that we need all these things. Case in point, the yoga industry.  Fancy yoga pants, mats, props, food.  You name it and it is out there.  We have become tethered to the commercialization of yoga.  Untether from this.  All you really need for yoga is your body, breath, and mind.  A mat is obviously useful, but one can most definitely do yoga sans mat, even if it feels awkward!

Challenge yourself to simplify your life, to free yourself from your own chains.  Prioritize what you fill your life with and why.  Figure out what is important and what just fills space.  Create your true life.  You have the power.

What can you untether from?



Learning to Fly

I learned how to fly.

IMG 0999


I’m still not sure how I ended up in this situation, but on Saturday afternoon I found myself signed up for trapeze lessons at The Cincinnati Circus Company.  Not too odd you say? I beg to differ.


While I don’t have a fear of heights I have an incredibly strong and irrational fear of ladders and anything involving getting from point A to B   As I child I never made it up to the ropes courses or flew down a zip line.  Even the idea of such an outing would make me worry incessantly and stay home from school or camp.

Nevertheless I have challenged this fear many times as an adult and been able to do things like climb up Half Dome at Yosemite or scale rock climbing walls. These somehow were lesser evils than ladders!

I knew all week that I was going to be making this outing to trapeze school, yet it wasn’t until I saw a ladder lying in the middle of this highway on Saturday, after it had fallen off a truck that I realized I wasn’t going to magically appear at the trapeze platform.  There was going to be a ladder involved.

The whole way down to Cincinnati I felt the fear brewing in me.  I was secretly hoping for an out.  I didn’t want to face the evil metal rungs!  We arrived a half-hour early to the rig.  That was just enough time for me to stare at the ladder, two stories high and shaky and thin as can be.  This was a disaster!

After hooking up our safety belts and a quick flying lesson we were ready to start our ascent to the platform.  I was the fourth in our group to go.  Kicking off my shoes I started upward.  Sweat was pouring down my back, my arms and legs were wobbling.  I couldn’t think of anything except reaching for the next rung and moving upwards. Short of falling, down wasn’t an option. I don’t know how long it took, but soon enough I was at the platform.  The staff changed around my lines and it was time.

IMG 0997

Ready….Hup (the signal to go)!

I jumped.

It was exhilarating, terrifying, surreal, and thrilling all at once. Alive.  Nothing existed for those moments besides me and the air.  Freedom.  Beauty.  Life.

IMG 1002

This freedom and high is so foreign to the monotony and safety of everyday life.  Time is spent looking to the past or to the future.  Even the times when we think we are present we can often be found multitasking, either physically or mentally.  Flying stops this.  There is no opportunity to act in any capacity but in the now.  There is a forced return to our instinct and our natural state of being free from that which keeps us tied to the ground.

Flying on a trapeze is an instantaneous explosion of this feeling of all encompassing joy, however similar highs can be found through yoga.  It takes much longer and lots of practice, but at times I find myself in this same mindset.  Nothing exists besides my breath and my body as I move through the postures.  I become one and if I’m lucky this practice can last beyond the mat.  Finding this experience can take time and patience, sometimes this patience can be as difficult as facing our fears, such as I did in climbing the ladder.

Life can be lived, day in and day out.  The same routines, the same patterns.  One can get by this way, however it is truly only getting by.  Live your live.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Take a risk.

“Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”

-Elif Shafek

Sunday Media Montage 9-11-2011

Are you interested in the latest interesting reads on eating disorders, yoga, funny oddities and sites as well as my latest passion graphic and web design? Here is the weekly round up!

An ad I could do without both the  message and the poor job of Photoshopping!

The concept of untethering. I love it!  More on this on the blog this week.


Revisiting goals via Karen C.L. Anderson and the Unicorn and the Hippo.

The beauty myth isn’t only for women.  Men fall under the curse too!



Plastic Surgery. Necessary or not?


Don’t be afraid to name your yoga class what it really is.  A good read on class names and descriptions.  Via Alison Hinks.

IMG 0983

IMG 0986










Pug love!

Did you miss any of my posts this week?  Catch up!

Tuesday: There’s something wrong with you

Wednesday: Wednesday’s Random Ramblings

Thursday: Honesty and My Bucket List

Friday: The Bucket LIst

Photo Credits: Karen C.L. Anderson,,


The Bucket List

My post on Tuesday, “There’s Something Wrong with You,” wasn’t an intent to call out my peers who made fun of me at an early age.  While at some points in my life I did hold blame and anger I no longer hold any such feelings towards these people.  Do I remember who my harassers were?  Yes, but they were just children as well and I imagine that they also had painful experiences going on tin their lives.  Kids by nature are mean and hurtful as they practice what it really means to be in the world and have relationships with others, both positive and negative.  In fact by posting those pictures on my blog and subsequently on Facebook I’ve reconnected with quite a few people and I’m enjoying finding out where my former classmates are in their lives.  To me this reconnection is the true beauty of technology and one of its only saving graces.

Today children experience a totally new ball game as technology and the expectations of media have morphed teasing into more severe bullying and harassment.  While I only suffered at school, there no longer are safe zones for children as they are accessible at any time.  I imagine the effects of this on the new generations will be quite extreme.  Now if only we could get insurance companies to actually pay for psychotherapy instead of mind-numbing medications, perhaps some repercussions of this expanse of technology could be avoided.

As for the adults that have lashed out to me in the later years I am split in my ability to forgive.  Forgiveness is not a black and white process and while somedays I am more able to step into it, there are days where I still hold on to some lingering anger.  I don’t chastise myself for my inability to forgive. Inspite of talking ad nauseum about forgiveness and acceptance I am not always able to harness these for myself.  After all I am human too.  Instead I accept my anger, listen to it and move on; without judgement.  Running from our anger or shutting it out only makes it come back tenfold.  We can’t run forever.

Moving on.

Yesterday’s post on honesty was a sort of teaser about what is actually on my bucket list. Thus I present…


IMG 0979

The Bucket

This is not just any bucket. This is a plastic red bucket that was on sale at Target.  Perhaps you envision your bucket list inside a nice wooden bucket?  Not mine!  I like RED and I like my $2 bucket!  It even came with one of those awesome clearance stickers.  Plus this awesome bucket is super useful.  I use it to clean my floors and to drain my kitchen since when I inadvertently back it up twice a year.  Someday I will learn to not put egg shells and peels down the drain!

Onto the list, in no specific order, and some of this is currently in the works:

Hannah Siegle’s Bucket List

1. Take classes in web design, digital design, and photography

2. Open a yoga studio

3. Visit Indonesia and work with Orangutans

4. Visit Africa and work with Elephants

5. Trek the Inca Trail

6. Volunteer more with rescue dogs, perhaps becoming a foster

7. Grow a garden

8. Write a book-I have three ideas in the works!

9. Become a yoga therapist

10. Open a non-profit or branch of an already existing foundation to raise money for those who can’t afford eating disorder treatments

11. Learn paper cutting

12. Do a handstand in the middle of the room

13. Buy a house and paint my rooms in bright colors

14. Find someone to spend my life with

15. Have children


What is on your bucket list?


(Via .)

Honesty and my Bucket List

Honesty is something that is pretty hard to be, well, honest about, even to ourselves.  We lie day in and day out about our intentions, actions, wants, and needs without taking the time to slow down and have a good ol’ “get real” sessions with ourselves.

For me honesty is easily skipped over and to remain authentic I really have to stop and check-in frequently.  The things that help me most here?  My amazing therapist, blogging, and yoga.  I’m a big fan of “fake it til you make it” and yoga provides the grounds for this.  As I flow on the mat, read yoga texts, think about yoga, meditate (or consider meditating!) acceptance of where I am at this moment and the journey to my true self is really all pervasive.  I find even if I’m not practicing what I preach to my students regarding acceptance, eventually the rote practice of all this starts to get to me and I have but no choice to answer the call of this path.


Yesterday I was going through my MASSIVE folder of medical EOB’s, bills, and lab reports.  Conclusion?  My health insurance company hates me and I have pretty much skipped around from one medical intervention to another over the years.  Gastrointestinal everything, low or high blood counts and a whole host of other issues that never showed up on paper or in any report. Lab tests only detect problems at something like 70% of the normal bottom of a range.  The bottom of a range?  That doesn’t even mean healthy!

In December of 2009 when I left my teaching job and entered treatment I made a commitment to blogging and to venture into a balanced life and to find what health really means.   I stayed on this path for a while but towards the beginnings of the Summer of 2010 I started to go astray.  Have I been open about this?  No.  Time to fess up.

Following treatment I had never really reached my goal weight, and while this is a somewhat external measure of health and not specific to my body I do know that I allowed and encouraged myself to remain at the edge of an unhealthy place for myself, continuing to be locked into some of an eating disordered mindset.  At the same time I know my body quite well and know that my eating practices don’t manifest easily in weight loss.  After so many years of abuse my body reacts quickly to holding onto food when my intake drops down and in fact manifest at times in weight gain as survival mechanisms kick in.

So for the past year have I been eating enough?


Have I been doing too much working out?


This has been the pattern of the past year.  Waxing and waning in severity, but still not the way I need to treat myself.

A year of falling an failing, but not necessarily negative. Yoga has taught me to fall and fail with grace.

The past year has seen more change in myself that the past 14 years combined.  I took some “wrong” turns, working in jobs that were a poor fit for my creative and independent mind, and engaging in some relationships, both male and female, that were more of a relationship with my eating disorder than with another human.

The realization of all this and the need to talk about it has been spurred on by the creation of my bucket list.  I’ve never had a bucket list before. It has been eons since I’e had any interests outside of working out and food and the why is something that has been on my mind.  This why has led me to the above realization that I was still operating in unhealthy ways over the past year and while my physical self wasn’t as seemingly challenged there was still a lot of unhealthy behavior going on that blocked any awareness of stepping into myself.  Stopping Crossfit spearheaded this change as well as falling into digestive problems again.

I want the space, physically and mentally to work on my bucket list, to create and allow the manifestation of all that has only lived in my head for so long.   I’m choosing to give myself that space, the space that was previously full of monotony.  I refuse to go another 14-years living in the haze of illness.

After all, my medical file is way too full.

Are you honest with yourself?  How do you remain accountable? Please share in the comments!!!


Photos: Heart:T. Newfield, “Songs of the Heart”


Wednesday’s Random Ramblings


Something I am so good at!  When I was teaching it  was well known that during our staff and department meetings I could be counted on to pipe in with some random fact or something that seemingly didn’t fit in with what we were discussing.  To my non-linear mind (how did I end up in science?) it always made sense and was totally relevant!  My connect the dots don’t necessarily have to go from one to two to three, etc.

Thus on this dreary Wednesday I present I a random assortment of mind chatter and thoughts!


  • Please explain the arts festival broom craze to me.  Every festival I go to has an abundance of people walking around with these creations.  What is the excitement about a broom?

2011 06 17 15 49 11 514

  • The above monster has been peeing in the house lately.  Don’t let his beauty trick you.  And he isn’t just peeing anywhere, but on his plastic dog food bin in my laundry room.  While I have to thank him for not peeing on the carpet I really wonder why he is doing this.  Perhaps his is mad about the shark costume.


  • Headstands cure all.  I was tired and lethargic for 3 days thanks to my Effexor weaning and finally decided enough was enough.  I stood on my head.  All is now cured.


  • Are you writing a blog on eating disorders?  Even if you don’t claim to be in recovery please don’t post pictures of the scale as you weigh yourself, or photos of the tomatoes, an egg white, and cucumber that you ate as you pigged out all day.  While this isn’t triggering to me I find it very disturbing that such blogs even exist and even more disturbing is the number of comments theses posts elicit.  This is pro-ana in its fullest glory and gravely upsetting.


  • I started to eat Turkey again.  IT. IS. AMAZING.  My body was not happy as a vegetarian.  I don’t think I ever call food amazing.  Well this was.  Delicious!


  • The above book, The Forty Rules of Love, by Elif Shafak  is incredible.  Go read it now.  Do not click to look inside.


  • Why is Hershey’s making kisses with air in them?  I don’t get it.


  • Body by Vi.  This has become pretty popular.  Looking at the label it doesn’t seem to be that great.  What is making this hit so big?  The possibility of making money or BMW’s?  Thoughts?


  • The only thing better than one Pug is _______________. Please fill in the blank.


  • Names I call my dogs:

Winston: Spare parts, Monkey, Winstonian Smithsonian Captain of Plutonium, Mr. Tender Toes

Othello: Monster, Stench, Thelly, Thel, String bean, Wu Tang, Thelicious.  Thelicious used in a sentence: Thelicious is super nutritious and delicious because he is Thelicious.


Yes I have lost my mind today. Now excuse me while I go eat some Turkey.


What are your random ramblings today?


Photos: Brooms:; Othello: Hannah Siegle; Turkey:; Book:; Kisses:


There’s something wrong with you

“There’s something wrong with you.”

Five words that often become our internal mantra early on in life.

I clearly remember the day I became aware that somehow I was different.  It was a sunny day after school, and my friends and I were running around on the playground.  All of a sudden one of my friends turned to me and made a comment about how fat I was.  It was as if a magic wand had been pointed at me.  Time stood still.  Clouds covered the sun.  Suddenly Hannah wasn’t just Hannah.

IMG 0965

Hannah middle row center, 1987.

Much of my childhood was spent being bigger than everyone else.  At first I was proud of this.  It was exciting to go to the doctor and find out my hight was in the 85th percentile!  I felt like that meant I was winning!  Eventually as I progressed towards adolescence I also began to put on some weight in preparation for puberty, but suddenly being in that 85th percentile didn’t feel good.  It felt downright terrible.

I looked different and those around me let me know it.  Prior to starting 3rd grade my family moved within Worthington and while it was a small move I changed elementary schools.  After the move it was hard to make friends.  I would reach out to others, but most of my attempts were met with rejection.  I believe that nobody wanted to be friends with the new fat girl, and as cliche as it sounds my brown hair, brown eyes, and Jewish background didn’t help with fitting in with the “norm”.  Recess was spent making friendship bracelets and playing imaginary games, trying to block out my loneliness and longing for a friend. I became an avid reader plowing through books at warp speed, but even that was different.  My 4th grade teacher jokingly pointed out to the whole class that i had bought the biggest stack of books at the book sale.  I thought she was making fun of me.  Last time I checked reading was a good thing.

IMG 0966

Third grade class photo, 1990

My best friend at the time, Jamie, lived in my new neighborhood and during after-school hours we were inseparable.  We played for hours on end, elaborate games with Barbie that took over entire basements and build huge forts to sleep in.  She eventually moved across town, but our parents indulged us driving us to each other and letting us spend days together in the summer.  When we were together I felt accepted and normal.  The filter of judgement didn’t hang over me and it was those days and hours that still allowed me to live outside of the label of “different.”  The ironic there here is that physically we were quite different.  Jamie was tiny and I well, wasn’t.

IMG 0975

Hilton Head vacation with Jamie, 1992.  Dad on the side.

However, as it often happens, over time and distance our friendship faded and I was again thrown into my fat world.  I changed schools during middle school to a private school and while it was a step up from my public torture I still was teased.  I began to prepare for my Bat Mitzvah and had to attend Hebrew School twice a week as well as Sunday school.  I was again put together with the kids from public school and teased mercilessly.  Sometimes the teacher even had to stop class to yell at kids to leave me alone.  It is no wonder that my early teen years were spent imagining a better life if only I could lose weight.  I really believed that being thin was the key to the world. Boy was I wrong.

As eighth grade rolled around I began to fantasize about returning to public high school and “showing” all those people who I really was.  I wasn’t some worthless fat and awkward girl.  I was worthwhile and as the weight came off friends started to appear out of the woodwork, at least for a short time until the tables flipped the other way and life became consumed by the anorexia.  Was I thin?  Yes.  But still there was something wrong with me.  My extreme thinness set me apart.  And friends?  I was too busy losing weight for that.

May 1996.  Children’s Hospital. Admitted for one week with a resting pulse rate of 36 BPM.  Freezing cold, blue and cruising down the famous river of de-Nile.  I didn’t think there was something wrong with me. One week and 10 pounds later they let me out.  This inpatient experience only reinforced my idea that something was wrong with me, forced to eat in the doorway 1000 calories per meal, 4 times per day.  I lay in a bed, gaining privileges such a showers, family visits, and my own clothing as I gained weight.  Nights I listened to screaming children and was dehydrated because they wouldn’t give me any water.  They didn’t want me to fill up on it.  Psychotherapy?  None. Incentive to stay out of the hospital?  Thrice weekly weight in visits to my doctor. If I lost weight under my goal immediately back to the hospital for me.  Healthy?  No.  Weight was restored and I was out of immediate physical danger, but I was more messed up than ever.  Fearful of my freedom, anxious, and confused.  This was the dark ages of eating disorder treatment.

While many years and treatments have filled the space between then and now that experience scarred me forever.

“There’s something wrong with you.”

As the years went by this mantra was a part of daily life.  I always felt the skin prick sensation of those around me talking about me, laughing, or judging and in my mind it was all about me.  I was still little, fat, Hannah.  Perhaps it was the people on my dorm room floor at Bucknell writing a list of all the odd eating behaviors I had, the guy I had gone on a few dates with telling me there was something really wrong with me, someone telling me I was a failure as yoga instructor since I didn’t know about marketing, or even the telling stare of the mother of my new boyfriend as she sized me up.

We waste time judging, ridiculing, bullying, classifying, and demeaning others while the truth is that we aren’t so different inside.  People don’t talk about their real thoughts, fears, or wants; instead, they focus on the superficial such as what is on TV, sports, or appearances.  We avoid the things that connect us together as humans beings, as animals.  As two people pass by on the street, the bodybuilder, the video gamer, the college student, they may look different, perhaps we judge them by what we see, but if you listened inside you might hear an internal dialogue that isn’t so different.  If you looked into their eyes, maybe you would see kindred souls.

If you are reading this, a teenager, college student, or adult, next time you go to pass judgement, ridicule or bully take a moment to pause and look beneath what you see on the outside.  Perhaps you will see yourself.

What is your internal mantra?  Have you carried the idea that something is wrong with you through your life?

Note:  After writing this I sent it to my mom, the forever English teacher to proof, since no matter how many times I edit something myself I still leave typos.  After she read it she commented that she doesn’t remember my childhood being this awful. While to the outsider life may not have appeared that terrible this ends up being irrelevant since my childhood experience was in fact, my children experience.  The stories I chronicle are what happened to me and how I remember it.

It is my truth.


Sunday Media Montage 9-4-2011

Are you a celebrity who doesn’t wear a size 2?  Yes you are now curvy.  Thanks Adios Barbie!

Stop the comparisons to others.  Be your authentic self!

Abby is one of the best writers of sarcasm out there!  Read up on her blog for a much needed laugh.

A great take on the importance of being YOU and how this self-love equates with a better business.!


Does anyone else love ? This is for you.


Lately I’ve been loving some Victoria’s Secret Photoshop fails.  A good reminder that everything you see out there is digitally enhanced, or in this case de-enhanced.:

Dislocated shoulder perhaps, floating legs?

Ribs anyone?  The secret to a tiny waist is…rib removal!

Concave thighs are the new skinny!

Easy way to get a flat stomach, dislocated torso!

Weight loss through arm removal!


The latest in eating disorder news:

The role of Ghrelin and anorexia nervosa

Eating disorder education and knowledge among collegiate coaches, athletes, and dancers

Eating disorder ruling may hopefully affect future coverage. What happened to mental healthy parity?


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Photo Credits: Data:; Victoria’s Secret:


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