Wednesday’s Random Ramblings Volume 3

It is the middle of the week and it has been two weeks since the last edition of Wednesday’s Random Ramblings.  Without further ado…

  • I’ve been getting a lot of flak outside my apartment from various folks, mostly the mailman and the paper person (gender correct here!) for Othello being crazy. IMG 0926 Obviously I know they don’t read my blog, but I want to put it out there that yes, I know my dog has issues.  He was abused for several years before I got him and has come a long way.  I don’t need rude comments about “keeping my dog inside.”  He isn’t going to hurt you and is always on a leash.  Perhaps if you got down on his level and said “hi” he would stop.  It has worked for everyone else.  Look how placid he looks here.  The other one is the one to be wary of!


  • Google Analytics is AMAZING.  While I don’t know much about it yet I find great amusement in seeing keywords that link to my site as well as where people are visiting from.  Pretty much nothing is anonymous on the internet.  The two most interesting tidbits here are that the phrase “daddy eats moms toes” that  links to my site and that a certain large law firm provides the second highest amount of traffic to my site after RoadRunner.  I have to admit that I am curious about who these visitors are!


  • On the analytics front my last elephant journal article has 666 pages views as of this morning.  Scary! Make that 667 as of getting this link.  No longer scary.NewImage


  • People don’t’ say thank you enough.  Integrate it into your life.  Pay it forward!


  • I’ve seen a lot of people lately walking around with giant noise canceling headphones.  What is the need for this?  Should we really be tuning out the world that much?NewImage








  • I have a book problem.  While I’ve stopped buying books I currently have 12 checked out from the library.  I think I need a few more sets of eyes.  Maybe I can set up my two pairs of glasses to read for me in my absence.  Last night I was also informed that I have 5 other of my reserves ready to pick up.


  • I also have a pug problem.  Did you know I have two pugs, Winston and Othello?


  • Dear Effexor XR, which I am very happy to be completely off of you I would appreciate it if you would stop reversing my sleep-wake cycles and allow my brain to stop operating as a pile of mush.  The last time I took you was on Thursday.  It has been long enough! Time to let me go!!!


  • Christopher Meloni is no longer on Law and Order: SVU.  While I hardly watch any TV this is quite upsetting!  I loved him!  He however is working on the new Superman movie with a great cast. Perhaps this will be one of the two movies I go to at the theatre each year.NewImage




What are your random thoughts of the day?  Please share!