Sunday Media Montage 9-25-2011

The Sunday line-up!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Unbelievable, yet so true.  Warning: You may get goosebumps here. Why don’t we have these ads on TV in the United States?


Note before you click.  The sidebar of these YouTube videos has a lot of eating disorder inspired videos and TV show clips that are extremely disturbing and possibly triggering.  Proceed with caution.  More. More. More.


There is so much more to yoga than flexibility.  Read here for factors that can affect your mobility.  It really is about knowing your own body!  Via Yogarose.


30 habits that can hurt your body image.  Via Weightless.


Stop chasing the past. Accept where you are now.  Via Ashely for Stop Chasing Skinny.


It is always a good idea to be aware of the many meanings of something that can seem benign to our culture.



Bring the men to yoga! Via YogaDork



2 minutes.  I DARE you!


Did you miss some of the posts on Balancing on Two Feet this week?  Never fear!  You can catch up here.  That rhymes!

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