Sunday Media Montage 9-4-2011

Are you a celebrity who doesn’t wear a size 2?  Yes you are now curvy.  Thanks Adios Barbie!

Stop the comparisons to others.  Be your authentic self!

Abby is one of the best writers of sarcasm out there!  Read up on her blog for a much needed laugh.

A great take on the importance of being YOU and how this self-love equates with a better business.!


Does anyone else love ? This is for you.


Lately I’ve been loving some Victoria’s Secret Photoshop fails.  A good reminder that everything you see out there is digitally enhanced, or in this case de-enhanced.:

Dislocated shoulder perhaps, floating legs?

Ribs anyone?  The secret to a tiny waist is…rib removal!

Concave thighs are the new skinny!

Easy way to get a flat stomach, dislocated torso!

Weight loss through arm removal!


The latest in eating disorder news:

The role of Ghrelin and anorexia nervosa

Eating disorder education and knowledge among collegiate coaches, athletes, and dancers

Eating disorder ruling may hopefully affect future coverage. What happened to mental healthy parity?


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