Sunday Media Montage 8-21-2011

Each Sunday I will be posting a collection of a variety of links from the past week on topics such as yoga, eating disorders, body image, mindfulness, and other random topics!  Please make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or via e-mail so you don’t miss these posts!

A post on real life thought from Katie over at Nourishing Flourishing!

Are you in tune with your intuition?

This book is a disaster.  And one of the reasons you might overhear this conversation.

Feeling a bit off lately?  Technology failing?  Mercury may be your answer.  It even managed to delete a blog post of mine!



How do you flow? Have you had yoga related injuries from less then optimal flow and conciseness in your practice?

Art. A different ways of treatment.  I’m all for the unconventional!

Have a few?  A fun way to play with colors!